The Halls of Nazir-Thun

Coming to DunDraCon 2019

New players welcomed!


Thousands of years ago Nizar-Thun was a fearsome Sorcerer who lived high in the mountains in his palace. This palace was a complex of rooms and corridors carved into the living rock itself. Here Nizar-Thun did his great works of magic, housed his armies and hid his treasures. Some said he was working on a potion of immortality when a rival brought his reign of terror to an end. Enter The Halls of Nazir-Thun and find and retrieve the potion of immortality in exchange for freedom!

No Demi-Humans.  Everyone is a thief, it’s just that the thief does it better.  Everyone can backstab and cleave.  Magic is a double-edge sword. Think Conan rather than Tolkien. Sanity Mechanics, eldritch horrors, mad magicians, strange elixirs -need I say more.

Leave your 10 foot pole at home!


Crypts & Things is a variant of the Swords & Wizardry Core Rules which is a retro-clone of Original D&D from 1974.  The rules are easy to learn especially if you played any version of Dungeons & Dragons and you can expect 8 to 12 encounters in a 4 hour session!

he Halls of Nazir-Thun has been completely mapped in a silhouette, top-down, black and white tile style.  Each tile measures about 8"x10" and as you progress through the palace halls new tiles will be placed.  There are about 50 tiles in all!

The player, monster, and eldritch horror tokens are also done in a top-down black and white style keeping the theme dark.

Everything needed will be provided including jumbo dice, pencils, player tokens, and character tomes and at some venues I even place mats, coasters, and a table cloth.

Crypts & Things:

Swords & Wizardry Core Rules: