Drive Into Darkness

New players welcomed!

Update 5/6/18

I need to revamp this scenario and hope to run it in 2018 possibly at Big Bad Con


1950's Memphis, Tennessee.

5 criminals with guns and a plan.

A bank robbery gone wrong.

All hell breaks loose!

Most people problems can be solved with money.

Your problems are solved with violence

Vampires are unknown to the general public.

You are criminals at large using your crimes to fund your war.  

The ends justify the means.

You are slayers of the undead and the living.

Take a psychobilly ride into darkness!


You received a tip from Old Man Morrison that vampires are sleeping in bank vaults at The Memphis Metropoliatan Bank.  

These vampires must be destroyed!


A Night's Black Agents scenario with a 1950s horror comic theme.

Using the Night's Black Agents game system 5 players will take on the roles of vampire hunters known as The Murder Men.

This is an introduction to Night's Black Agents

There will be female characters to play as there are Murder Women Too!