Cthulhu Trek

The Derelict

Coming to DunDraCon 2019

New players welcomed!

No knowledge of Trail of Cthulhu or Star Trek needed.

This adventure has now had 8 play thoughs!

This scenario has a lot of low level music and sound fx, light fx and video, and requires a private room.  I cannot run this in open gaming or in a multi-table room.


This is a new Trail of Cthulhu scenario that I'm running in 2017, 2018 and beyond!  


Starfleet has received a distress ping from the USS Kongo.  The Yorktown is sent to answer this ping.

Communications cannot be established

Tractor Beams are out of range

Transporter use impossible

A starship cannot be risked

A damage control team is sent via shuttlecraft to the derelict starship to assess the situation.

Using the Trail of Cthulhu game system you will unravel the horrific mystery of the derelict.

The too long didn't read info

Everything needed to play will be provided. Dice, Pencil, Kindle Fire,  Notepad, and even a Drink Coaster.

A 6 hour scenario but can run short.

The scenario is typically listed as 18+ as I prefer to play with adults and not because there is adult content.  It's probably a PG13 rating.

I'm thinking of another scenario with a drug crazed McCoy in 1930s New York!