Cthulhu Trek

The Derelict

Coming to NecronimCon 2017

Update 8/5/17

I ran this at KublaCon and DunDraCon this year so it should be solid for NecronomiCon!

This game has a lot of music, sound fx and video.  I will have a private room at NecronomiCon for this one!


This is a new Trail of Cthulhu scenario that I'm running in 2017.  

Next up is NecronomiCon in August 2017.

See NecronomiCon Gaming for more info here:



Starfleet has received a distress ping from the USS Kongo.  The Yorktown is sent to answer this ping.

Communications cannot be established

Tractor Beams are out of range

Transporter use impossible

A starship cannot be risked

A damage assessment and control team is sent via shuttlecraft to the derelict starship to assess the situation

Using the Trail of Cthulhu game system you will unravel the horrific mystery of the derelict.

Additional Info:

Everything needed to play will be provided.  This is a 6 hour scenario but can run short.

The scenario is typically listed as 18+ as I prefer to play with adults and not because there is adult content.

There are over 400 slides but of course you won't have time to see them all.  I also created a soundboard for audio fx on an iPad mini for one player to be in charge of but if you have an IOS device I'll give you the link to download the soundboard at the con.  Star Trek Music will be playing at a low volume level throughout the game.  I have multiple copies of the 21 deck constitution class starship printed at 13x19 inches but we won't really need them as the locations you investigate will appear on the display.  I also have custom character booklets, Jumbo dice color coded to each character, and writing pads for each player.  

There are a couple of pics of a setup for Science Officer Chadha below.  Each of the 5 players will have a similar setup!