X-Men VS Notes

GobbleCon 2017

I'll be running this on Saturday and Sunday at GobbleCon on Thanksgiving Weekend.

KublaCon 2016


Had a fantastic time running Kaptain Kobold's "Clobberin' Time" rules-set at KublaCon 2016!

Added 10 pics from the Con to the photos section.

Will hopefully run this again next year and by then I should have The Days of Future Past scenario completed.

I didn't get the chance to run the battle against Dark Phoenix using some multi-attack rules and team attack rules that I have been fiddling with.

I'll post some of my additions to the rules-set in the near future.

Do check out Kaptain Kobold's free rules-set here:



The Con Description was intentionally vague as I didn't have the scenario defined.

At this point I can reveal that the X-Men will be battling the Imperial Guard on the blue area of the moon recreating issue 137 of The Uncanny X-Men!

See the photos section for some work in progress pics.  One photo is of a future scenario and I do mean future scenario as in X-Men Days of Future past.  I'll be recreating X-Men issue 142 later this year or next year.