The Halls of Nazir-Thun Notes

DunDraCon 2016

I plan to run Crypts & Things in open gaming

I now have a power point presentation that I run

BigBadCon 2016

Update 9/10/16

Crypts & Things on Saturday 10/15/16 at BigBadCon from 2 to 6pm

PacifiCon 2016

Update 9/10/16

Crypts & Things on Saturday 9/3/16 at PacifiCon from 5 to 9pm

Dundracon 2016

Update 1/25/2016

Crypts & Things on Sunday from 8pm to midnight

Miscellaneous Update 12/20/2015

Finished my Character Tome.  Pics in the photo section.  I would like to think it's done but after every Con i'm sure I'll be tweaking it again as I did with the Crypts & Things Tome.   Some of the Character Tome pics have a MoirĂ© pattern to them as they have some horizontal lines combined with the low rez of the photos.  You can see this on page 3 which is supposed to be a section for Notes.

Miscellaneous Update 12/5/2015

The Crypts & Things Remastered Kickstarter con scenario has been delayed.   I was hoping to run the new scenario at DunDraCon 40 but it will have to wait.

I will be running an expanded version of The Halls of Nazir-Thun.  This will be a 6 hour game rather than the usual 4 and I'll be running this with 5 players.  If you haven't played this scenario since August 2015 you may want to come back for this one!  There was a major change for the last encounter in 2015