Drive Into Darkness Notes

I haven't ran this since BigBadCon 2016 but

plan to kick off a new scenario hopefully in 2018.

BigBadCon 2016

Ran Night's Black Agents and Crypts & Things

Scenario Update

Update 5/20/2016

I changed the scenario a lot and it has been renamed to: Drive Into Darkness

The scenario was run for the first time at DunDraCon earlier this year and was just too big for the alotted 4 hours and needless to say we didn't get to the big encounters.  

I also made adjustments for:

Rules and character booklet explanation,

Deeper narrative into the scenario to get past the time consuming lobby scene,

Added more encounters to the bank scenario.  

Updated the character booklet and token artwork.

PacifiCon 2016

Update 9/10/16

Night's Black Agents on Saturday 9/3/16

at PacifiCon

from 12 to 4pm

GenCon 2016

Update 7/2/16

3 sessions of Drive Into Darkness

at GenCon 2016!  

Thu, Fri and Sat from 8pm to midinight.

I'll be bringing "Loot Bags" for all players! see pics in photos section.

KublaCon 2016

3 sessions at KublaCon 2016

on Memorial Weekend.

Friday 8PM

Saturday 12PM

Sunday 12PM