Cthulhu Trek - The Derelict

General Notes

I'll continue to use the colored lights going forward as long as I have a conference room to run the game in.  Players really seem to like the sound fx board but I think it's good that I only have one soundboard for one of the players to act as a sound person.

The scenario is solid even if the players decide to cut and run.  Of the five sessions I ran, only one group  encountered the Final Horror, the others all fled once they uncovered the doom of the derelict.  

BigBadCon 2017

I brought some colored lights which added to the atmosphere and kept the lights at a subtle level which worked well.  In addition I had 1 handlight but I really need another 2 or 3 to provide additional reading light as these convention room always seem to be dimly lit.  

The adventure went very well but I should of cut the ending short.   I was trying a new ending out but had a technical glitch which I was able to resolve but the players preferred that the scenario should of ended earlier.

NecronomiCon 2017

Fun session with a spectacular finish.  The players contributed to their own doom which was fantastic.  

I ran this scenario through my iPad Pro which worked well.  Typically I run it through a large monitor.

KublaCon 2017

Had a fantastic time running this scenario for the 2nd and 3rd time.  The first session went very well.  I was in a private room and had great players and was able to play my music and sound fx.

The 2nd session didn't go as well, due mostly on my part.  I was in a room with two other game sessions and crammed into a small space which didn't help.  The players were great but I don't think I sold the scenario as well as I could of up front and didn't react as well as I could of with a turn of events that happened.  This was easily fixed but wished I thought  of the fix during the game session.

DunDraCon 2017

The scenario went better than expected for a first run.  There is still a lot of stuff to work on but the basics are there.  The players hung out after the game for a bit which is always a good sign.